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Journées de la culture



At the same time, throughout Quebec, demonstrate the importance of arts and culture by participating in les Journées de la culture.

Artists, craftspersons, cultural and municipal workers, school principals, teachers and top business executives, you are ALL invited to organize events in your community.

Activities that meet the eligibility requirements will be included in the official program of les Journées de la culture and broadcast on the website.

Be part of the promotion campaign that reaches over 2 million Quebecers.

Join in the celebration!

Click on one of the four tabs below and register your activity now.

Consult the Organizer Guide.

To contact the development officer of your region, click here.

Artists, craftspersons and cultural workers, contribute to put the arts and culture at the heart of every citizen’s life.
  • Create dynamic links with our fellow citizens
  • Encourage them to discover the many facets of the culture-related trades
  • Try new artistic projects
  • Gain visibility among other audiences
  • Share a common passion
Registration for activities

Encourage connections between schools and culture
BEFORE JUNE 30, submit an activity intended for elementary or secondary schools as part of the program available to teachers: Time out . . . For school groups!, scheduled Friday, September 27.

Initiate a project with a elementary or secondary school, keep it alive for the entire school year and get a chance to win the Prix de reconnaissance Essor / Culture pour tous.
• $3,000 for the professional cultural resource
• $2,000 for the school

Tread off the beaten path:

  • Take over high-traffic or unusual public place
  • Promote singular combinations of artistic disciplines
  • Surprise workers on their lunch break or right after work
  • Offer visitors the possibility of leaving with their own creation as a nice memento of their visit with you
  • Give a unique opportunity to visit your facilities

Elected officials, executives and municipal civil servants, take part in the 17th edition of Journées de la culture.
  • Reveal the cultural vitality of your municipality
  • Foster the development of culture in your community
  • Meet citizens during a festive event
  • Take tangible action to promote the arts and culture

Registration for activities

Tread off the beaten path:

  • Take part in the organization of artistic and cultural activities in your municipality
  • Offer artists resources, promotional tools or a local scene
  • Set up a collective creation headed by a local artist in front of City Hall, in a park or in a parking
  • Encourage your citizens to discover your municipality’s public works of art
  • Plan a major festive artistic gathering with artists, elected officials and citizens
  • Coordinate historic and heritage circuits
  • Develop a photo contest around your city’s key attractions
  • Organize a local Journées de la culture launch
  • Dress up the city with the Journées de la culture colours

Join with the 466 municipalities of Quebec who have already officially declared the last Friday of September and the next 2 days as "Journées de la culture".
Municipal declaration

Managers, teachers and contributors from the education sector, grant a place of choice to arts and culture in your school calendar.
  • Play a lead role in bringing arts and cultural awareness to young people
  • Make the last Friday of September a meeting to celebrate culture
  • Encourage the creation of lasting connections between schools and culture
  • Initiate a project with a cultural organization, an artist or a writer, keep it alive for the entire school year and get a chance to win the Prix de reconnaissance Essor / Culture pour tous Award.
    • $3,000 for the professional cultural resource
    • $2,000 for the school
Through artistic and cultural experiences, it is not only the culture of the young people which grows rich, but also their sensitivity, empathy, thirst for knowledge and their desire to push the limits of the status quo.

Registration for activities

Tread off the beaten path:
  • Invite an artist to present their know-how
  • Create a collective work that engages your students and their families
  • Shed the spotlight on the undiscovered artistic talents of your young pupils and staff
  • Kick off your cultural programming
  • Dress up your school in Journées de la culture colours
Teachers of the 2nd and 3rd cycles of elementary school
Discover our Cultural Logbook, a FREE, first-rate teaching tools that allows you to prepare and reinvest cultural activities. Find the references to the pages relevant to each specific subject matter HERE (in french only).

Entrepreneurs, chief executives and managers, stand out and organize activities in your workplace to the benefit of your employees, colleagues and collaborators.

In a context where the capacity of organizations to evolve quickly is a crucial stake, the introduction of arts and culture in the workplace is more and more considered as a managerial innovation tool.
  • Offer your employees an inspiring environment fuelled by creativity
  • Allow your team to weave unique links through an artistic and cultural experience
  • Embellish your workplace
Registration for activities

Tread off the beaten path:
  • Invite an artist to come share their experiences/art with your employees
  • Offer your employees a workshop, a performance, a conference or any other cultural experience
  • Put together a lunchtime, shift-end or weekend activity
  • Hire a group of musicians or a choir that will visit all of your business’s departments to surprise your workers
  • Organize a guided tour of your art collection
  • Showcase your architectural heritage
  • Dress up your business with Journées de la culture colours
Culture in business, a broad turnkey cultural activity resource, offers businesses a vast array of artistic and cultural experiences – performances, collective creations, group outings, etc.

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